Name of Projects Geographic coverage Name of Donor Budget Duration (Year)
Jute: Empowered Women Ensured Livelihoods (JEWEL) Manirampur, Jessore, Faridpur Sadar, Bhanga, Boalmari, Faridpur Traid Craft & Big Lottery Fund 5,70,71,630 April, 2015- June, 2019
Climate Resilient Agriculture and Accountability Jessore Sadar, Manirampur Jhikargacha and Dacope upazila in Khulna dist CAFOD-UK & DFID 2,90,09,106 July, 2015- June,2018
Coastal Livelihoods Improvement through Maximizing Adaptations towards Environment (CLIMATE) Dacope, Khulna Action Aid Bangladesh 2,57,53,695 May, 2009- Dec. 2019
Emergency Food Security and Livelihood support in the Cyclone Aila affected region in Bangladesh (EFSL Project) Dacope, Khulna ECHO through Action aid Bangladesh 6,95,00,000 14th May - Dec, 2011
Early recovery and rehabilitation of cyclone Aila affected people in Bangladesh Dacope, Khulna ECHO through Action aid Bangladesh 3,50,97,915 June, 2009 -April 2011
Protect most vulnerable children from hunger, abuse and respond with basic services in the cyclone AILA affected areas Dacope, Khulna UNICEF Action Aid Bangladesh 31,84,725 July -Nov. 2009
Saving and supporting community to immediate recovery from disaster Impacts , Dacope , Khulna Dacope, Khulna Action Aid Bangladesh 6,50,000 July - August 2008
Sanitation, Hygiene Education and Water Supply (GOB-UNICEF) project Kalia, Narail DFID, DPHE, UNICEF 4,55,06,994 March 2007- September 2012
Poverty Reduction by Increasing the Competitiveness of Enterprise (PRICE) Jashore Sadar, Jhikargacha USAID 10,66,800 Jan, 2010 – Dec, 2012
Improvement Lives in Banishanta Dacope, Khulna Australian High Commission & Action Aid Bangladesh 15,55,995 Feb.– Nov, 2013
Wetland based peoples livelihood security at Narail Districts Narail Sadar, Lohagora, Kalia Action Aid Bangladesh 35,24345 Aug, 2006- Dec, 2011
Supporting Household Activities for Hygiene Assets and Revenue (SHAHAR) IFSP Project, Jessore Pauroshava. Jashore Municipality CARE Bangladesh 1,54,89,784 Sep, 2000- June, 2013
A Disaster Resilient Future: Mobilizing Communities and institutions for effective risk reduction DIPECHO–VI Project Dacope, Khulna ECHO through Action Aid Bangladesh 53,68,106 May, 2011- Nov, 2012
Maize, Wheat and Homestead Agriculture Improvement Initiative. Jashore Sadar, Chowgacha USAID through CIMMYT BD 9,00,000 Sep. 2012- Sep. 2013
Environmental Sanitation, Hygiene Education and Water Supply (GOB-UNICEF) Project. Jashore Municipality DPHE, UNICEF 27,00,000 Nov, 2000 – Dec, 2006
Integrated Approach for Capacity Development for the Export Oriented Flower Farmers and Flower Businessmen Jashore Sadar, Jhikargacha European Union 78,16,662 July, 2006- June, 2007
Creating an Enabling Environment for the Children with Disabilities (CECD) Harinakundu, Jhinaidah Action aid Bangladesh 62,99,600 Nov, 2013- Dec, 2015
Building a Disaster Resilient Bangladesh (DIPECHO VII) Dacope, Khulna ECHO through Action Aid Bangladesh 65,61,565 May, 2013- Nov, 2014
Improved resilience of small farmers through increase access to market and adaptive practices Jessore Sadar, Manirampur Jhikargacha and Dacope upazila in Khulna dist CAFOD UK 41,90,900 May, 2014 – June, 2015
Raising Peoples Voice for Climate Justice Supported by Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods project Jashore, Narail, Khulna, Satkhira, Jhenaidah, Nator, Chapai Nawabganj, Shirajganj, Munshiganj, Gopalganj , Madaripur, Faridpur CSRL Oxfam-GB 1,55,23,850 July, 2008- March, 2014
Enhancing Inclusive Disaster Resilience in Bangladesh DIPECHO-VIII Project Dacope, Khulna European Commission and Action Aid Bangladesh 4,117,815 June, 2015- Dec.2018